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nedjelja, studeni 30, 2014
Hi my cutiepies

It's been a while since I wrote you.I really miss this,writing is my passion and I love reading yours wonderful comments.So I'm sick of this school I can't wait for my break.Fall is my second favorite time of the year and I really enjoyed it this year but winter is coming.I'm not really winter person,hate christmas and family reunion,sick of that so much.So I don't have time right know but as I writing this to you I'm sick and I thought why not do this bc I miss this.If you want get details about my life check my instagram bc I'm always active there you know.So let's get on this post,it's about my favorites of this past school months.Hope you enjoyed and you can always leave some of your favorite things I'm excited to read.




1) This backpack I bought in Zara not very long time ago and I really like it.It's my style,leather and black with a little gold.It's very practical and I carry it everywhere.

2) These products I use for my hair after washing and really enjoyed it.I like my hair to have a lot of volume and these products make that really well.I get a lot off compliments about my hair and how I done it so that's all I use to make it like that and I regularly cut it every month,two.

3) I must say beanies are life.I wear them in fall more than in winter hah.These two are my favorite bc they are basic.They are from Zara and C&A.

4) Now when we are talking about books last month was "Interliber",Croatian book fair.This was my first year that I went and I really really like it.I met some of you guys so shoutout;) I got a lot of books but this one is my favorite.It was expensive but I really like it.It's about all different styles and how you can do it.Cosmo is always my number 1 magazine so it must be in favorites.

5) These jackets are my life.This leather one I got from Zara last year and it's my favorite leather jacket and this military style I got this year in hm and fell in love.I have another military style one but this one is better.

6) This bodyspray is amazing and I love it so much.Sent is really fall tipe thing,cozy and warm sent.It's from Muller.

7) You all know that lipstick is my thing so there is no fall without a little color.These three are my favorites for this time of the year.They are from Essence and I must say they have really good lipsticks.

8) This Nivea toner is my lifesaver everyday.It really clean your skin and leave a relaxing moment.

9) There is no fall without flanels.That's my thing all seasons but in fall I have to fit into diffrent type of styles.

10) You know I can't without a little Chanel in my day so this perfume is life and last a long time.This Bvlgari I got for my birhtday this year and absolutely love it they have amazing sents.

11) My favorite nailpolishes these past months are really fall and dark.This dark red with a little shimmer is really really good.

12) My favorite boots this fall are these loves.They are combat boots,black leather and so comfortable and nice.

13) When we are talking about shoes these are my new creepers and I love them so much.These are not everyones style but they are my loves.They are from Shoebox.

14) These are my makeup favorites these past months.Love this mascara so much and please try it you will never regret.Eyebrows are important to me so this Catrice pencil is so good and last this eyeliner from essence is my life and everyday go.

15) These two pallets are life.This smokey eye pallete I got for my birhtday in July and I can't stop using it and this nude i s perfect for fall and everday school look.

16) Sunglasses you know my opsession,these are my fall favorites bc of it's color.I definitely love these kinds of color more than black.They are from Mango.

17) Scarfs are loving touch to your outfit in fall,these two are my favorites love the color.They are from hm.

18) Omg these coockies are life.These elvita ones I eat almost everyday for school I just love them so much and they are really healthy.

19) Clothing accesories are definitely t-shirt dresses and sweathers and these are some of my favorites.They are all from Zara,Mango and Bershka.

20) I don't wear jewerly that much but I love necklaces with black and gold details.

21) Tea is very important in fall.I drink tea so much and know I'm sick so this product is very helpful you just pour it in hot water.

22) I drink coffee so much and sometimes it's really bad for your teeth so I replace it with capuccino.It has little coffee in it and I love it.I pour these marchmallows in it bc why not.

23) Instagram is my number 1 fall app.I post there so much.

You can always follow me:

24) Favorite show these past month is definitely American horror story! It's back and I tottaly love it.This season is all about freakshow and that's something that always scared me but in good way.

25) Favorite movies you can guess it's Mockingjay part 1.Hunger games will always stay my favorite trilogy of books and movies that will never change.Can't wait for part 2 bc this one was amazing.

26) And last but not least favorite songs:

1) Blank space-Taylor Swift

2) Lana Del Rey-Sad girl

3) Vatra ft- Damir Urban-Tremolo

4) SARS-Klinka-always haha





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